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Ride your HOG because you love your dog: Celebrate National Dog Week


If you stop to think about it, bikers and dogs have plenty in common—we love seeking adventure, feeling the wind rush by, and living life to its fullest. What better way to honor these shared passions than to hop on our bikes and ride for man’s best friend to celebrate National Dog Week?

This week begins on September 20 and is a great excuse to meld two of your passions—riding your motorcycle and showing your furry friend some love. Take a ride to pick up something extra special for your dog to thank them for all the unconditional love and endless tail wags they fill your life with.

National Dog Week history

National Dog Week was started by Captain William Judy, a World War I veteran, in 1928. Thankful for the incredible contributions dogs make to enhance life and the human experience, Captain Judy wanted to give back to the creatures that give so much to us. The purpose of National Dog Week is to focus on ways we can celebrate dogs and help improve their lives.

How to celebrate national dog week

No one knows your dog like you do. The favorite game of tug-o-war, the spot you know to scratch that makes their foot twitch, or the particular way they curl up with you the second you sit down. Perhaps to honor your best bud this week, you can try something new and unexpected. Here are some things to consider as you’re on your National Dog Week ride:

  • Gifts: Buying Izzy some special snacks or toys is a great way to show her she’s loved. Look for options that tackle multiple sensory experiences—something she can enjoy sniffing, playing with, and eventually eating.
  • Quality time: As you’re riding to find something special for Axel, check out new places and spaces you can explore together. There are lots of dog-specific parks, swimming spots, and activity areas for your dog to enjoy. Before bringing your dog to the space, think of ways you can engage with them instead of only watching your dog have all of the fun.
  • Donations: This week is about all dogs. Since there are many in need, you can also celebrate by riding your bike to your favorite local pet shelter and delivering supplies to help brighten many dogs’ lives.

Riding your motorcycle with your dog

If you’re a lucky rider that can celebrate National Dog Week while riding with your dog on your motorcycle, be sure to keep their safety a number one priority as you adventure together. Here are some things to consider:

  • Security: There are many gear options to contain a dog on a motorcycle to prevent them from jumping off and getting hurt. For smaller breeds, there are backpack options, and for larger breeds, there are seats and sidecars.
  • Doggles: Even traveling at slower speeds can be dangerous for your dog’s eyes if they’re not behind the windshield of your bike. Doggles are a great option to protect them from bugs or other flying objects in the open air.

Whether you’re able to ride with your dog or you’ve got one awaiting the treasures from your National Dog Week shopping spree, this is a special opportunity to give back to your dog this week. Enjoy every moment just how your dog will—like it’s the only one that matters.

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